Love Bites 1 - Golden Plain

I don't remember his name
I will only take a shadow of his face
I may not recognise him in a crowd
But we dance tonight
In the sea of people
Impasto, Dali, textures, Frank Hurley, ultra marine
I demand them to be whispered
Nothing but sex
All sex
There's not enough contact in this world
With his arm wrapped around me
But I say not tonight
I say this with clarity
I say it calmly
Some confusion at my own response
I said not tonight
So he leaves and I linger
But his image that he showed me
The one of the lighthouse
Four men pulling the oar through stormy waters under a churning white sky
Painted in oils
Is still wet

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Melinda Chapman said...

This is powerful! I love the tension in it and the imagery is strong. Made me feel warm, unnerved me, and made me smile, too. By the end of it I somehow feel like I'm on the rocking boat! :)

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