me - 'What was it you said'
I looked at my navel. My navel looked up at me and smiled in that cheeky way, slightly bent and twisted. 'Do you remember the start of it all' my navel said back to me.
'The start of what?'
'You know, when we where connected'
'Connected, you know, it was a bit of a tight fix in there'
'Oh you mean in the womb?'
'Duh, you know you can be very simple sometimes'
'There's no need to be offensive'
'But you can see things so simply'
'Waddayah meen?'
'Well, the simple perspective is we where just in the womb squished in together but if you think beyond that it's possible to imagine we where connected to every womb thats been connected to every navel. A never ending string, making a line of women, wombs and navels that goes on forever, back the to ocean'
'Wow, is that what you think about all day?'
'Well it's bloody dark in your pants and I need something to think about to block the discomfort of those belts you decide to wear'
'It also reminds me if the very rare times I come out in the open when you swim'
'In the ocean?'
'I dream of the ocean'
'Hot summer days, cool ocean'
'I glide under you as you dive'
'Mmmmm the ocean'
'Where we came from'
My navel smiled up at me in that knowing way, slightly bent and twisted.

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Melinda Chapman said...

LOOOVE IT!! Had a laugh and an 'aaahhhh!'with it. Great concept of wombs and navels connecting a line of women, going back to the ocean. I will never see my navel the same way again. In fact I'll never leave lint in it again. Maybe that way mine can talk to me too. ;)

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